8 Ball Pool 3.2.5

Turn an Android device into a pool table and play like a shark

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8 Ball Pool is a fun billiards game that offers players the opportunity to play against other real players in a number of different game modes. The game is surprisingly realistic compared to actual billiards, and it offers players a number of ways to advance and win even larger sums of in-game chips.

When players first start in the game, they will receive a small number of chips via the included mini-games that break up the gameplay of the actual billiards. These include scratch-offs and wheel spins, which is fairly standard in terms of awarding free in-game currency. The real way to get more chips, though, is through challenging other players. The game operates by using tiered match types that require a buy-in from each opponent. Earlier tiers require very little chips to buy in, and each game is winner-take-all. As the tiers become more advanced, not only does the buy-in become larger, but the rules for the games become more stringent.

Like most mobile games, 8 Ball Pool is entirely free to play, but there is a premium currency in the game that can be purchased with real-world money. Ironically enough, that currency is mere digital dollars that are only good in the game. They can be used to buy speciality cues, avatars, and chat packs. The primary currency in the game, however, are the chips that can be won with every game. Those chips can also be used to buy certain premium elements of the game, like better cues and more individualistic avatars.

The gameplay itself is surprisingly realistic. Every ball on the table reacts as it would in an actual game, so the physics of the game are obviously quite complex. The table is viewed from the top down, and players rotate their cue around the cue ball to line up their shot. It is a bit strange that the game doesn't take into account the physical player in the game, so some shots that are easy in the game would be impossible in real life thanks to the alignment of the balls on the table and the player's inability to avoid knocking them while shooting. Beyond that small detail, there is very little difference between playing this game and playing a real game of pool.

One of the only downsides to the game is the amount of raw luck that is often required and used by subpar players to win. Experienced players are often bested by new players simply because of the mechanics of the game, so it's hard to determine if the playability of the game can survive for very long. However, once players break past a certain chip count, they can reach levels where the new players can't reach, so their skills become more important. Of course, at that level, players will have to put up huge buy-ins for just a single game.


  • Realistic Gameplay
  • Tons of Unlockable Content


  • Some Lagging Issues

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